Sunday, 13 February 2011


I joined Freecycle a while ago, mainly because now and then an oddity crops up that I never really wanted before, but as soon as I'm aware of it's existence I need it. This was true in the case of a stuffed (toy) penguin becoming available, just as the show I was working on needed a creature building that was half-lion, half-penguin. Sadly, the person who put an oscilloscope up for grabs never got back to me. Must have been a lot of people after one of those. Anyway, skimming through the emails I see someone has a full set of 2000AD from 1 -556 only missing 3 issues! I'm quick off the draw, and next morning I'm lucky enough to be the chosen one! The guy only lives down the road, so although I have no transport I get my rucksack and a couple of Ikea bags and pick up the haul. And what a haul! Also about a dozen 2000AD and Dredd annuals. Issue 1 is in pretty good shape (considering those earlier issues appear to have been printed on bog roll), it's got tape down the spine to keep it in one piece, but it's complete. I already have #2 (First Dredd) so keep the nicer copy. The owner cut a few pin-ups from the backs of some of them (he was a kid to be fair), but who cares? These comics aren't worth a particularly huge amount financially, but entertainment-wise they're priceless! There's work from Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Kev 'O Neill, so much early work from many other big names. So for the next few weeks I will be subsisting on a steady diet of Zarjaz Thrill-power.

Some of the haul!

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