Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Is it possible to overdose on Thrill-power? I've had a bad cold the last few days, so have been sat in absolutely hammering the 2000ads. Some incredible work in those early days. Favourites so far include-

Flesh, the story of how in the future there is a shortage of meat so a time machine is used to go back to prehistoric ages and harvest dinosaur meat! An obvious answer surely? Except they concentrate on herbivores, so the carnivores go apeshit with hunger and attack the base! And to top it off the base happens to be built over a nest of giant spiders. Who also attack them! Good stuff, just the sort of over the top violence kids love.

The ABC Warriors, a team of robots assembled to take on jobs too risky for humans.

Strontium Dog, the mutant bounty hunter Johnny Alpha and his mate Wulf Sternhammer. The first story was pretty mental, involving him going to Hell. It turns out it's a 'fake' Hell created by the mind of another mutant, but still scary enough to keep a ten year old scared shitless for a few nights.

And of course the Judge Dredd stories have been pretty great on the whole. I've read some of them in collected form at some point, but it's nice to read them chronologically and complete. Highlights have been The Judge Child, where Dredd and co. set off to find a prophetic child who can foresee the doom of Megacity One, and the stories introducing Judge Anderson, Judge Death and the Dark Judges, with some stunning artwork by Brian Bolland.

It looks like I'm just about to start on the Apocalypse Wars stories now. I'm not even halfway through the pile yet!

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