Tuesday, 13 March 2012

IGN pub quiz

A couple of weeks ago, an old work buddy of mine asked if I wanted to take part in the IGN pub quiz. I was keen to flex my nerd muscles (the questions were all film, video game, a few comics and general nerdery). We came third, which is still pretty cool, as it proves at least we still have some grip on reality. This was the swag I wound up with.

Not bad at all, especially considering the booty was divided between six of us! I was particularly proud of the spot prize question which won us a heap of GTA goodies. Guess the circumference of one of the nerd hosts' heads. I was 8mm out. BAM! Yes, I think the knuckleduster mug will come home with me... 

Other news- one of the neighbours put some piles of comics outside their house. mainly 2000ad, a load of old White Dwarf mags, some tatty Marvels. Nothing special, but hell, if they're going, I'll take em!

1 comment:

  1. Good to see you are keeping in touch with the "real world" John and that you are keeping those little grey cells fit for the next nerdgasm quiz.

    I wish I my neighbours would put out some comics in the street once in a while instead of their household waste. Would make rumaging through it more fun.