Tuesday, 4 October 2011


For an update. I've been busy blah blah.  The car boot sales have been pretty dire, although when I went up north for a weekend I snagged a nice batch of Battle Beasts. I do really like these, but it's just another thing I shouldn't really collect, so straight onto eBay with the little blighters.

See? They are bloody ace.

Got this clock from the car boot a few weeks ago, it's supposed to be a talking alarm clock, but sadly no longer. As soon as I saw the metallic pink Batmobile I knew I couldn't leave without it. What a treat!

So, not many car boot triumphs this Summer, although I did find an inspired use for that Mego Spidey outfit. 

"Eeeeeyyyy! My uh, Spider-Sense ain't the only thing that's tinglin' round here..."

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