Thursday, 14 April 2011


The weekend of Kapow! arrived, and what a treat it was. After a decent fry-up in Angel, me and Dom strolled up to the con where massive queues awaited. Not to  worry, as it was nice and sunny, and fairly quick to get in there. There was an impressive array of exhibitors in there, we made a bee-line to the Pros vs Fans comic quiz, hosted by Wossy. It was pretty amusing and when we got out we met up with Dave who had dressed up as a surprisingly good Bane.

 The whole weekend pretty much consisted of rifling through bargain boxes, looking longingly at pricey back-issues and drinking beer in the sunshine with like-minded nerds. We didn't really queue for any autographs, but managed to get a few. Bane won the costume contest, Dom got a gypsy curse put on him by a 'street poet', and I got a few Hulks I was missing. Dex was getting a nice sketch by Simon Bisley, who in response to me watching intently, flipped me the bird. The big jerk. On the whole I think it was a pretty successful con, there were a lot of predictions of this being a massive failure, but everyone seemed in pretty high spirits and dealers seemed keen to do another. Apart from the poor bastards who queued for hours at certain panels and didn't get in.

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